Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life is busy

Life is busy with laundry, homeschooling, Bible studies, laundry, football games, volleyball, laundry,cooking, class meetings, club meetings, cooking, college, vo-tec, church, laundry, cooking, physical therapy, laundry, cooking, homeschool classes, and did I mention laundry or cooking??

Right now everyone is fairly healthy. Greg is doing much better. Esther is a whole lot better...even her osteoporosis has improved! Praise God. Caleb is in his senior year getting his degree in computer engineering and doing an internship at Tinker AirForce Base. Josh is doing graphic design at the vo-tec. Abi is a junior in highschool. Esther is a freshman. Elijah is in 7th grade.

I am the driver to all the activities as well as cook, laundress and teacher. I am in our 6th year of the gfcf diet and which is pretty much routine now.

2008 Pictures of family and stuff


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