Tuesday, July 26, 2005

His name is Leo....how do you like his red sweater?
This is a road runner for all you guys back east! He was in our yard.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Looking for the CELIAC Blog?

If I gave you this blog address....instead of my celiac blog....it is because I am getting old and can't remember what I am doing. My celiac blog site is in the links under Kates Celiac or you can go to: http://katesceliac.blogspot.com/....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

before removing the shelves
1/2 the shelves back up
the hole in the wall....
Abi and the new puppy...no name yet
The new puppy
The new puppy

Monday, July 11, 2005

It started out a simple project

We are going to make the computer room into Caleb's room. We took shelving down off the wall....it went smooth, one wall done. We rehung part of the shelving in the dining room and it went off without a hitch. That was Day One.

Day Two-Greg hung up the shelving on the other wall. It went smooth. I worked and worked putting books on the shelves and making it so neat and cozy! I was so into this until about 1:20 am to be exact. I decided it was bedtime...by then I had a severely hurting foot and a pinched sciatica nerve, shooting pain down my leg. The bed seemed like a very inviting place.

As I began to turn off the lights in the dining room and kitchen.....I thought for a second the Lord was coming back...I saw light flashing and a great noise (Caleb thought it was the sound of a garbage disposal) The wall with the shelving on it shook, then it was dark. Esther has an overhead light that hasn't worked in over a year....it flashed on and off again).

I thought to myself....and said out loud to Caleb..."Should I wake Greg up or wait til morning?" Caleb assessed the situation and decided maybe the shelving was screwed into a hot wire. I thought, maybe I should risk waking up Greg even at this ungodly hour. (I mean, I don't know anything about electricity and I didn't think the house catching on fire would be a good thing and for all I knew, this could be possible)

Sure enough....a wire had been hit. Greg began working to figure this out.....it didn't look simple. The circuit breaker box is not labeled correctly so we tried the one labeled (?) That was not it. But after some trial and error the right one was located.

In the middle of this, I noticed something sticking out of the refrigerator....( we had been having trouble with the ice maker working) The seal was messed up on it. Then he said, "Is there anything else I need to fix tonight..." I didn't think he really wanted to know but I did tell him about the railing going down the steps that the kids had showed me early in the day....maybe, we should take it off the rest of the way before it got broken worse.

Anyway, he said all those books would have to come down...so Caleb took down the books that I had so meticulously placed up there. I don't know what happened next, I went to bed because I wasn't much help in the process, I, being an injured woman and the way I deal with stress is much different than his. ( I think you should enjoy it and make jokes about it...he didn't feel inclined to to so???) I mean this is stuff you can tell good stories about!!

I do remember him coming to bed about 4 a.m., stressed. He told me he fixed the seal on the 'fridge' .

Since the night was so unrestful and he still had to figure out what needed to be done, he stayed home from work today. More stress. Nothing ever goes easy. You know, it is that "Murphy's Law" kind of stuff. Anyway, we now have a very large piece of dry wall missing in the dining room and it is 11:45 p.m. and Greg is still working...Occasionally, I hear something that sounds like a plea for help or a moan and run to the rescue (I don't know what it would sound like if someone got electrocuted)

I left during the day so he could stress in "his own way"....like I said, very different from mine...I still think it is the kind of thing that makes for a book. Maybe.... a book called "Martin's Laws of Home Repair" . He doesn't think this is funny. But the way I see it...is if you don't laugh you would just cry all the time and your eyes get puffy and red and your nose runs.

So much for making this a short easy project....we just wanted to move a boy to another room in the house....looks like it is going to take a little longer than planned.

I have just been informed the light is now on!! Yaaaay! Greg! Good job. It is 12:30!!! Good night!