Sunday, August 14, 2005

Water Park at Andrews Park
Water park in Norman
Isn't that a nice chicken?
Grandma Claudia
"Hold on....I'll look it up."
Caleb and Greg basking in the glow of a laptop
I'll have this up and running in no time.
Caleb getting ready for OU!
In the glow of the laptop
Caleb and his "required" laptop
Josh and the sword
"Let's see if I can balance this camera!"
I can just look up anything now
Not a bad look for Abi!
She's so sweet! Esther
"I'm doing just fine"
Caleb--I think he got it figured out
The turtle
Josh's foot beside the turtle
Want a closer look?
side view
Front view
"I'm leaving"
"I'm out of here"